For EVE yoga flows and workouts all you need is a yoga mat or a soft rug that supports your knees, clothes that are comfortable to move in, and yourself!

You don’t necessarily need props to do EVE practices, but you might find that the following will help you practice more deeply and aligned.

  • • Yoga Mat
  • • Blocks
  • • Yoga Strap
  • • Bolster

Absolutely! EVE is for everyone. Whether you are just starting your yoga practice or are an experienced yogi, you will find videos for all levels here.

Please check with your doctor before taking part in any new workouts, especially if you have a medical condition or are pregnant / newly postpartum. Listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, stop and contact your physician. [enter release of liability info]

All of the recipes that you will find on EVE are intended to be easy to follow, nutritious, and delicious. You can follow along while I cook the recipes and download the PDF recipe cards with exact measurements and detailed instructions to execute the recipe in your home.

My approach to meditation is a combination of understanding from my yoga training, my personal practice and also from my experience with neurofeedback training. The guided meditation videos on EVE were created with the intention to provide you with the tools to melt away anxiety and stress and to help you feel a sense of calm and clarity, anytime, anywhere.These meditations are perfect for any level.

You can contact me @claire_grieve.

This is totally normal! Try to breathe through the experience and understand that sometimes you have to really feel things before you can release them. If this feels very difficult or scary, reach out to a mental health professional or meditation teacher to help guide you through these challenging experiences.

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